Womens Alterations

We have over 40 years of experience designing, altering, repairing and adjusting clothing for  women. We have made tailoring alterations for all shapes and sizes and tailored designed clothing from sketches or drawings.


Here are a list of some of our services, if you dont see something here or have a specific question on an item not listed here, we guarantee we will work hard to accommodate all of your needs:


Shorten Sleeves Re-Hems Re-Hems Re-Hems
Taper Sides Waist-In/Out Lengthen Lengthen
Take-In/Take-Out Sides-In/Out Waist-In/Out Sides-In/Out
Lengthen/Shorten Lengthen/Shorten Sides-In/Out Sleeves
Reduce Shoulders Darts Sleeves Darts
Shoulder Pads Pleats Darts Repair Linings
Re-Cuts Re-Cuts Re-Cut
Shoulder Pads


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